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Carved wood CNC router fast method

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1, check the use of forceps or sculpture head is the wrong card at the same time, CNC router or card pliers head wear can lead to dislocation of carved objects. Pliers or chuck if tight contact with the head carved objects carved objects can lead to instant pop-up. 

2, for those irregular shaped objects carved on the surface appear to have been fixed very tight, and when under pressure will be back and forth. At this time, you can try some scrap mat below the object to increase the friction. The other is to retain items comes with the packaging, although the object is irregular, but brought its own packaging may be very regular, and easy to be fixed, plus a small section of tape, very irregularly shaped objects easily be fixed. Or trial tools fixed the site of its rules, and give up its irregular part. 

3, was carved objects have suffered under the pressure if large, consider whether you have to use the nose cone of the knife, if the diamond blade engraving machine moves in the process of carving the pressure is too large, the tool will cause the pressure side is carved objects move. If you use an incorrect diamond knife, can cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degrees diamond knife, carving material in depth, and makes the material being carved in the process of moving. 

4, the CNC engraving machine is often equipped with a multi-purpose pliers or the card first, but they are also of iron, so easy to be carved or damage to property in the process of carving in the fall, then use some rubber or rubber cap tubes used for carved objects fixed helpful. 5, for engraving plastic patterns can be carved Share tape material attached to the back side of adhesive tape and then sprayed with liquid glue, then paste it can be disposed of in a surface, to avoid using double plastic surface, leaving the surface difficult to clean. Because tape is easy to peel and clean-up Share. Carved with a special tape, the tape sticky side stronger than the other side, so the plate can be freely moved or replaced. CNC router manufacturers wish every one have a good time